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There are endless possibilities to building the eco-home you desire. We don’t mean turning your home into a jungle and filling every empty corner and window ledge with a plant (although, that does sound nice).

More than anything, we encourage a little extra thought and effort in choosing the furniture, textiles and products to fill your home. Select items that last, are sustainably-sourced and are as local as they can be. Single-use items are the biggest culprit of an environmentally harmful house.

Think of all the sponges you’ve used…paper towels, plastic baggies, cups, utensils and containers. Everything is either made of plastic or comes wrapped in plastic, but you can choose otherwise. There’s a solution for everything; it just takes a little creativity.

Reconsider the art you buy, the dishes and glasses at mealtime, the pillows you snuggle into, even the soap you wash with and the towels you use to dry off. There are no limits to the level of sustainability you can achieve in your home. Any step towards sustainability is a good step. Make your home into the eco-sanctuary you want and deserve.

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