Sud Source

SUDSOURCE Founder Kathleen O’Clock one day realized just how overwhelming the plastics problem was, when in her bathroom, she looked around and took note of each and every plastic item around her--and this was just one room, in one home. The excess and needlessness of single-use plastics inspired Kathleen to do what she could to minimize the issue, starting with the body products we use every day.

SUDSOURCE provides luxurious, organic and eco-friendly body care products without the harmful waste of single use packaging. Each product is packaged in either a glass or aluminum container, both of which are 100% recyclable and long-lasting, labeled with the words “Refill Me When I’m Empty!”

SUDSOURCE offers refills in the Los Angeles Metro Area through pop-ups and local delivery, and will soon expand their reach nationwide with a compostable refill pouch that can be shipped to your home. Take a look at their Movement Page for upcoming pop-ups and events to get your own refillable products!


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