Green has never been clearer.

The Etching Bee

Created to combat the plastic water bottle, each Etching Bee bottle is made from recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable, down to the plastic cap. The Etching Bee has made considerable efforts to minimize their environmental impact in all aspects of the business, and continues to seek out more eco-friendly materials and practices as they grow.

The Etching Bee currently uses eco-friendly packaging to wrap and ship their products, and for every bottle sold, one tree is planted to help promote reforestation and habitat regeneration for threatened species.

Ben, The Etching Bee founder, is incredibly dedicated to wildlife conservation, and volunteers at an animal sanctuary, in addition to occasionally releasing special edition bottles to support environmental organizations that help protect the oceans, forests and bees.

Etching Bee representatives now buzz all across the country, encouraging people to make changes to the way they live in order to protect the planet for present and future generations.

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